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Flooring Systems

Innovative, fast and easy-to-apply Flooring Systems

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Commercial Screeds

Commercial Screeds (5)

Developed for optimum speed the product range consists of floating, unbonded and bonded screeds including insulated, acoustic or heated floors

Industrial Screeds

Industrial Screeds (2)

Standard and high strength base screeds designed for industrial applications offering speed, strength and durability

Ancillary Products

Ancillary Products (3)

Water-borne primer and glass fibre net for use with all cementitious and hemi-hydrate floor screeds

Key Products

weberfloor 4360 base flow rapid

weberfloor 4360 base flow rapid

A pumpable, self-drying fibre reinforced levelling floor screed

weberfloor 4150 fine flow

weberfloor 4150 fine flow

A pump-applied floor screed designed for application at a thickness of between 4 - 30 mm.

weberfloor 4160 fine flow rapid

weberfloor 4160 fine flow rapid

A pumpable, self-levelling floor screed

weberfloor 4320 fibre flow rapid

weberfloor 4320 fibre flow rapid

A fibre reinforced self-levelling, fast setting, rapid drying floor screed

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