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Technical Mortars Solutions

Technical Mortars solutions for major infrastructure contracts, social housing refurbishment and Highways projects



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Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair (19)

Products designed for small patch repairs and concretes for larger areas where sprayed and flowing materials are best employed

Concrete Protection

Concrete Protection (3)

High performance, anti-carbonation coatings to increase durability of reinforced concrete and provide long term protection of existing concrete and new repairs

Precision Grouting

Precision Grouting (7)

Cementitious or resin-based durable grouts which are dimensionally stable and are able to transfer loads effectively

Highway Bedding Mortars

Highway Bedding Mortars (5)

Rapid setting cement and resin-based mortars for bedding of kerbs, gullies, manhole frames and other street furniture

Structural Strengthening

Structural Strengthening (7)

The En-Force composite system offers the unique benefits of using a non-corrosive material for structural strengthening


General (1)

A range of solvents and epoxy resins to meet the requirements of the construction industry

Key Products

webercem HB30

webercem HB30

Acrylic-polymer modified, highbuild façade repair mortar

Five Star Repair Concrete

Five Star Repair Concrete

Shrinkage compensated, high strength, flowing repair concrete.

Five Star Grout

Five Star Grout

General-purpose, shrinkagecompensated, cementitious grout for dry packing, grouting, bolt fixing and bedding of machinery

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